Do you ever feel spun out or depleted by stress -

especially when you're taking on new challenges and
going for your big dreams?

Stop the "Spin-Cycle" of Stress!

Learn to instantly turn the yucky buzz of stress chemicals into delicious energy you can use to get things done while you feel relaxed, energized and in-the-flow!

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My stress meter is so down it is incredible... My smile is real!! I am more patient, understanding, listening, calm and I am becoming the business woman I have always wanted to be."
~ D.D., business owner, community leader

"Since working with Lea all areas of my life have improved: my marriage, self, mothering, work- everything is better now.
I have much less anxiety and am more optimistic, confident and in charge of my life direction and my emotions."

~ C.R. realtor

Ready to be grounded, creative and in love with life- even in challenging times?

Welcome, my friend!

When I was a teenager I could've been a poster child for stress-related conditions (migraines, eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and lots more!) and I was fascinated by mind-body-energy healing. Learning meditation and yoga may have saved my life and definitely gave me tools to live strong in a sensitive body.

Then in my early 30s, while I was in grad school for psychology, volunteering and caring for my three young daughters, I had a serious immune system crash. Recovering from that led me to a 20 year career in holistic wellness which included positions as mind-body therapist, hospital employee wellness coordinator and yoga therapy program director.

Today I love offering simple, fun, life-changing tools from psychology, mind-body healing, energy medicine and practical spirituality to empower big-hearted professionals and entrepreneurs - like you! - to activate your extraordinary, natural powers to create the well-being, life and impact you love.

~ Lea Bayles, MA, Your Host for STOP THE SPIN CYCLE OF STRESS Transformation

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